Here you will find we offer more products that are Werewolf Vampire related, focused on the coming Halloween holiday season.  So Enjoy our options by viewing the upper-right side menu area.Vampire Princess Child Costume

The brand new options for Halloween this year are amazing in both detail and quality. For example in the female child vampire selection there is the brand new Princess Vampire Child Costume. This costume is amazing with so much detail, any child will get compliments from everyone in the neighborhood. All you need to add to this vampire girl outfit is some black shoes and some black tights. Other than that the satin-style black and read dress has a lace up bodice and the stand up collar and choker addition brings out the style in great form. Then of course the top hat made of the killer fabric that accompanies the dress just makes this a serious vampire costume at any age. Comes in small four to six and medium eight to ten for children sizes.

For the young boys in the vampire category we have to take a very close look at the brand new vampire boys costume called the Transylvanian Vampire Costume Child for this year which includes pants, a high collar cape with blood red Transylvanian Vampire Child Costumeinside-lined and the Gothic style medallion. Also the Gothic detailed black and red vest is quite captivating and has an attached satin-like shirt. Just simply an awesome new addition for any boy that want to be the coolest looking vampire around. All you need is some good looking black shoes and makeup. Basic sizes for boys in small four to six, medium eight to ten and large twelve to fourteen.

When it comes to adult vampire costumes, let me just tell you that there are many brand new styles for this Halloween! All are shock full of detail too. Take a look at the upper-right side of this website for the Vampire Adult Costumes.

Now in the werewolf department of our werewolf vampire conversation,Howling At The Moon Child Costume there are certainly brand new additions for the kids and the adults.  For the kids, one of my favorite outfits is the Howling At The Moon Child Costume that has one of the coolest looking masks I’ve seen.  That is, next to “the ani-motion wolf mask“.  But this one is cool.  Just get some ripped jeans, some black fingernails and maybe some black makeup for your eyes and you’re set.  When you look closely at the snarling werewolf mask, you just marvel at the detail and artistry that went into this masterpiece.  And also this comes with the classic plaid shirt and gray fur that is attached to it.  Torn up, ripped up and ready to be a howling wolf for sure.  The child size werewolf costume come in sizes medium eight to ten, large ten to twelve and extra large twelve to fourteen.

Full Moon Madness Adult CostumeNow for the adults, remember when I mentioned “the ani-motion wolf mask”?  Well, the Full Moon Madness Adult Costume is equipped with one of the coolest masks I’ve ever witnessed.  Of course this werewolf costume also comes with the classic plaid shirt that all jagged and torn up, along with the attached fake fur for the arms and on the chest too.  Consider some black fake finger nails.  But let’s talk about the mask…WOW!  It’s called an “ani-motion” mask that moves with the movement of your own mouth and has a great looking wolfman snarl to it too.  Any shoes will do, but consider getting some boots with this one and also some black makeup for around your eyes.  Comes in adult size medium and large.

Werewolf, vampire or both…the make every Halloween season fun when dressing up as them.  The best part about Halloween for the kids is of course trick or treating.  So be sure to talk about safety issues with your kids.  The best thing to do is have a plan of how your family will do the trick or treating and when to meet up and where.  Cell phones are wonderful for keeping in touch when needed on Halloween’s fun evening.

Also consider carving pumpkins for your Halloween party.  Have everyone who is coming over to do the same.  Then at the end of the evening, everyone can bring their pumpkins outside and light them up for some awesome photos.  Maybe also have everyone pose behind the lit pumpkins as well for a photo op.

If you liked this website, please share it.  Thank you and Happy Halloween!

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